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I Can’t Believe I’m Pregnant Again! What Should I Do?

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, it can be a scary and stressful time, especially if you have just

Safe Haven vs Adoption

Can I leave my baby at a fire station?   What happens if I Safe Haven abandon my child? I

I Am Considering Giving a Baby up for Adoption. Why Should I Choose to Work With an Adoption Attorney Over an Adoption Agency?

Thinking about giving a baby up for adoption can be overwhelming and lead to many questions, including who you should

Steps for Placing a Baby For Adoption

“I’m Considering Giving Up A Baby For Adoption. Where Do I Start?” Are you feeling afraid or overwhelmed because you’re

First Questions

“I Just Found Out That I’m Pregnant, Now What?” Having worked in adoption for over 30 years, The Law Office

Dear Pregnant, Scared and Alone

Dear scared, pregnant, and alone: My name is Elizabeth, and my birth daughter turned six today. It feels like yesterday

Can I Still Give Up My Baby?

Place newborn for adoption FL

If you’ve been searching around the web for adoption resources or just googling “give baby up for adoption,” you’ve probably

Safe Haven

In the state of Florida, there is something called “Safe Haven Abandonment.” While often confused with private adoption, the two

Counseling: How it Can Help and Why it’s Important

Have you ever faced an unplanned pregnancy or previously placed a child for adoption? Are you feeling alone or overwhelmed

Cost of Adoption

Every day, we receive phone calls and text messages from women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Just the other day, we


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